Ethiopian Sunrise from the roof of the Hilton

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Praise is starting to walk! It started with standing alone, then walking pushing her cart, now she has walked about 12 steps! She has made some amazing progress in just 6months.


I promised a while back when I posted about Praise sleeping in her own room that I would post pictures. she has been doing great, sleeping 1-2 hr nap and 10 -11 hrs at night!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dr. visit

We went for Praise's checkup. We always test her viral load, (the amount of HIV in her blood ) and her CD4 count(the amount of good immune cells) Her viral load was 16,000 down from 48,000! This without any drugs. Her immune system is still testing in the normal range.
She has not gained that much weight, she was 18lbs 1 ounce.She is having chronic diarrhea so we think that is why she is not putting on the weight. We are going to get an appointment with a GI specialist, please pray we will find out what is wrong.

I will post some more pictures soon!