Ethiopian Sunrise from the roof of the Hilton

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This was Easter

She was not happy with her Easter dress I guess!

Mcdonalds with a friend

Here she is enjoying her nuggets and fries with a friend! What could be more American than that. She loves it! She knows all about the drive through also. That should put some weight on her, it works for me!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We love spring

Praise loves this warm weather. She loves to be out in the stroller. This is more like the weather she is used to! We welcome it as well, it is good to get out of the house more often.
Overall Praise is thriving. We have some issues to work on with her medicines and her diet, but she is growing and adjusting well.She contiues to humm her favorite tunes, is it so cute.
She also spent her first night in her own room, everyone was happy about that.I will post a picture as soon as I take one of her in her own room. Sorry I have not updated, things have been busy!