Ethiopian Sunrise from the roof of the Hilton

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sam and Esther

Just watch for 2 minutes… then you can turn it off and have a nice day.

I know I can't. This video continues to haunt the quiet moments of my day. Is God stirring my heart to do something more? Is He whispering to you too?



Eileen and Jerry Mestas said...

HEllo Brother Bill & Michelle,

I just checked in to see how you guys are doing and Jerry & I are sitting here in tears!!!! First for this video and second for the report of Praise Tinse's medical report of now sign of HIV. PRAISE THE LORD!! What an amazing miracle. We were just talking about you guys the other night and reflecting on how the Lord divinely put us together on our journey to Ethiopia. This was not a coincidence...we know it was a divine appointment. What a joy to see Praise looking so healthy and happy. What a difference from our Thanksgiving Dinner celebration in 11/07. We just want to send our sincere prayers and blessings to your beautiful family. What a joy to see and hear this wonderful news. Check out our blog, I am on my way back to Ethiopia this August. Another assignment from the LORD!! It would be great to see you guys sometime soon! Blessings with much love, Jerry and Eileen

Amy said...

I am right there with you! This video breaks my heart, keeps me awake at night and puts me on my knees asking God to please let me do more for these kids!

Also just wanted to say that Praise is such a beautiful little girl- you are so blessed! :0) Amy